Janku Land at Colvos

Super stoked to have Taiga from Janku Land at the taproom Sunday, March 10th from 1-5pm. I met Taiga a few years ago while out one night causing trouble with Kendra. 

Taiga and I hit it off right away.

Soon after we met, I went to his record store on 6th when he had it for a bit and found a total gem! I was looking for one song: Closer Walk With Thee, and I didn’t care who it was performed by. Taiga showed me to his gospel section. I went through every record, and found the song on a album by the Stevens Singers. Oh boy!!! Isn’t it exciting to find a record that you have been looking for!?!

Here’s a Closer Walk With Thee by Willie Nelson.

To celebrate Taiga lugging a clutch of records around, we are going to do 1/2 off slices from 1-5 on the 10th.

So while he is slinging records, we’ll be slinging pies.

Hope to see you there.

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