CCB Business New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Make more lists
  2. Post more Fancy Veg & Fancy Meat’s on the Insta
  3. Can more beers
  4. Pay down biz debt
  5. Help more folks in the Tacoma and Brewery Blocks neighborhood. A lot of our neighbors are struggling in a variety of ways. We take care of folks for lunch — but we always can do better, and do more.
  6. Help more folks on Vashon. Despair, loneliness, and poverty exist on the island, just like everywhere. We must continually ask ourselves what we can do as a business and as community members to help those in need.
  7. More live music at Campsite and Outpost!
  8. And er… more blog posts 🙂
  9. Happy New Year to each of you, our loyal and wonderful customers
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