Kölsch Party on Vashon

First the Kölsch, then the fox.

Kölsch-Style Ale

Kölsch was the 14th beer we ever made as a brewery back in 2018. It was the last brew of 2018 as a matter of fact. It was on our first menu when we opened the taproom a beer that we wanted at the taproom as soon as possible after we opened. 

Early on, it was a hit. It’s a style that appeals to a huge number of people. It’s flavorful, crisp, aromatic, low ABV, and pretty.

For reference, we brewed Kölsch as many times as we have Lando Hazy IPA!

If you’ve been digging our Kölsch over the past few years, you might have noticed some evolution. Certainly, it is more clear, as when we began brewing it, we did not have a method of clarifying it with a lenticular filter, which we now use. We made a slight adjustment in our hopping from Saaz to Tettnanger. But most importantly, we are now brewing the Kölsch with Weyermann Pilsner malt. While we use Idaho Pilsner malts in all other applications, we feel that using German Pilsner malts in the Kölsch (and our other lagers) gives us the best malt backbone in these beers.

The Fox

I was working on a new menu design for the pizza shop in Tacoma and luckily, the New York Times released an article on trendy menu designs. We ended up scrapping my design because it was horribly flawed. BUT, I did make a little line drawing of a fox on the menu that Lara loved. And after she did some research, she discovered that foxes, in Germany, are akin to our raccoons. Cute, but also a bit of a nuisance. Thus, KoKo was born. He is still on our menu in Tacoma, and donned our first can and glass release for the Kölsch. If it seems to work, maybe we’ll keep him around!

Please join us on Vashon at “Campsite” March 30 from 12-4, for some delicious Kölsch and sausage rolls. But… no foxes.

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